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Aptive Pest Control Reviews: Is it legit or not? 

Most people wanted to know the Aptive pest control reviews, so we have decided to explore this one for you. Aptive environmental is a name that is serving since 2015. They have a wide range of pest control products. if you are looking to have an eco-friendly pest control product than this brand is best for you as this company has mostly positive reviews. They provide you with customized plans and that’s why it has high demand in the market. Keep reading to consume all the details related to Aptive company products. 


Overview of Aptive Pest Control Company: 

Before we go towards the Aptive pest control reviews, let me tell you about the Aptive company. Aptive is a new service provider that has a wide range of pest control-related products but it has gained a good rank in the market. And it is also featured as the Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best Companies in America. This company is also a member of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Pesticide and in Environmental Stewardship Program. This agency controls the pesticides and also provides awareness among the people to reduce the number of pests. Most of people have query that Does Aptive treat ants? Aptive Environmental Control products can treat the ants effectively. 

aptive pest control reviews

Does Aptive get rid of mice?  

Aptive has the best professional rodent control products. So yes, you can use this company’s products to get rid of mice and other rodent-related spices.  

The company has an extensive number of products that can control most household pests, including:  

  • Ants  
  • Roaches  
  • Rodents  
  • Spiders  
  • Fleas  
  • Stinging insects  
  • Biting insects  
  • Pantry pests  
  • Aphids  
  • Crickets  
  • Earwigs  
  • Millipedes  
  • Pill bugs  
  • Silverfish  
  • Snails 

Upsides & Downsides of Aptive Products: 


  • This company has a huge range of pest control products and plans for you to control household pets. 
  • This company has all the eco-friendly products.  
  • This company has a good reputation in the market as it is featured in big American magazines.  


  • This company does not provide nationwide delivery of its products.  
  • They have bad customer service reported by some customers.  
  • Their products are not good for bed bugs.  

Comparison of Top Pest Control Companies:  

Below we have shared a comparison of some best pest control product providers based on their cost and customer service. Among all the companies, Aptive, Orkin, and Terminix are the best ones. If you are looking to know that Is Aptive a legitimate company? Yes, Aptive is a legitimate company as it serves all the safe and legitimate products. This company is popular due to its top-rated ratings in North America. This company has also gained an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

 Below we have shared a table of comparison of best pest control companies: 

Superlative Star Rating BBB Rating Phone Link 
Orkin Best for Urgent Service  4.7/5 A+ 877-868-1416 
Terminix Best Overall  5/5 B- 866-569-4035 
Hawx Best Mosquito Plan  4.4/5 B+ 818-273-1741 
J.C. Ehrlich Most Comprehensive Plan  4.2/5 A+ 866-694-7028 

Aptive Pest Control Review:  

We recommend you an Aptive pest control brand if you are looking to have eco-friendly pest control items. We have collected some reviews for you to make it more clear for you whether you should use this product or not.  

Aptive has mostly positive testimonials such as 87% of people give it 4 stars out of 5. Most people said that their products are professional and of high quality. Some people like their customer service as they serve the best communication services but some people do not like their customer service. And their products are quite effective for home pest control. Some real-time testimonials are as follows:  

Brenda H. said:  

“Aptive is a great company with excellent service technicians. My tech was Andrew D******* today. As always, he was polite, efficient, and communicated well before and after the service.”  

Amy B. said:  

“Steve A**** did an excellent job!!! Explained everything he was doing. Very patient in answering my questions (and there were a lot!!). Also very thorough in checking all areas of concern, both inside and outside the house. Very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you, Aptive, for sending Steve to our home!!” 

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Our Final Take:  

We have shared Aptive pest control reviews with you. Aptive can treat all pest-related species except termites and bed bugs. Maybe in the future, they introduce a product that can treat these two also. 

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