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Bambee HR Review-Features, Price and Selling

Bambee HR is software designed to help new startup businesses, especially those who do not have an HR department. They will guide you from scratch and provide you with support as an HR manager. Bambee has variant offers depending on your company size. You do not have to fulfill any requirements for enrollment in the company. These companies will give you benefit in many aspects such as personalized support which is offered by Bambee HR. Read till the end to consume all the details! Let’s directly dive into it! 

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An Overview of Bambee HR?  

Bambee HR is an ideal option for all those who have a small business and for startups who do not have an HR manager. They offer you complete support and care at a reasonable cost along with some proven features for a new business. Bambee HR Editor’s Score: 92/100. Most people want to know that What does Bambee HR do? Bambee is the best first outsourcing compliance solution for smaller businesses. Bambee provides you with a dedicated HR Manager and HR Autopilot. Bambee helps the smaller business to resolve conflicts, terminations and control federal and state HR compliances. It also handles the general HR policies.

Bambee HR Features:

Custom HR policiesBambee HR offers support in the development of HR policies, making it a great fit for startups devising SOPs from the ground up.
Training and certification managementTrack requires training and certifications to ensure your business complies with federal and state laws.
Performance managementTrack employee goals and view report cards of their progress.
Payroll processingProcess payroll with the support of a dedicated Bambee HR Manager.
Employee feedback collectionSolicit feedback from employees through Bambee HR’s Employee Voice feature.

Bambee HR is ideal for Startups: 

Bambee HR is the best option for startups as they have a dedicated HR manager who will assist you in every aspect. So, this is a good option if you do not have an HR manager in the starting. You can register at Bambee and take their services, even if you have only a few members in your company. Bambee HR also provides guided bambee payroll features to startup companies that do not know how to process payroll.

Mostly in startups, an HR manager has to manage everything on their own until the company grows. Because in the start they do not have much budget to hire a big team. So, an HR manager has to control Payroll functions also. In this way, there are high chances of mistakes, as one person cannot handle everything on their own because he does not have proper knowledge or experience about complex situations, And that’s why Bambee HR is recommended, as it is also affordable and trustable.

Most people want to know that Does Bambee do payroll? Bambee is unable to process payroll. Bambee permits the employees to communicate with the HR manager directly. But they do not provide coaching to the employees. Even during Covid-19, Bambee offers HR for health support.

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Bambee HR details:

User interface85
Customer service100

Upsides & Downsides of Bambee HR: 

Upsides of Bambee HR: 

  • By Subscribing, to Bambee HR, you will have a dedicated and trustable HR manager which can handle multiple tasks. 
  • The HR manager of Bambee will give you support to settle down everything essential for new startups. 
  • Bambee HR is one of the best HR software which offers you complete assistance in drafting, creating, and writing company policies. 
  • Bambee HR is easy to collaborate with.   

Downsides of Bambee HR: 

  • Bambee HR does not launch mobile app. 
  • Bambee HR is not for those companies that have more than 500 employees. 
  • You have to pay the fee for enrolling in Bambee HR.

Bambee HR Pricing:

Bambee HR provides the following monthly subscription plans:

PlanHR Manager (no phone support)HR ManagerSenior HR ManagerHR Director
Employee count1 to 2 employees3 to 19 employees20 to 49 employees50 to 500 employees
Monthly fee$99$199$299Custom
Setup fee$500$500$1,000Custom

All above-mentioned plans have unlimited phone, email, and chat support except the HR Manager plan. As HR Manager plan does not give you phone support. The highest plan is for 500 employee’s company. Bambee HR does not service businesses with more than 500 employees. Most people have a query that Does Bambee HR have an app? Bambee HR does not run any apps, and it also does not offer services to companies that have more than 500 employees.

Bambee HR Custom Policies: 

Bambee HR offers you a wide range of tools and support for startups in your small business. And you also need the HR policies. This is a unique thing that Bambee offers. Many vendors in the market give companies HR policies and tools but no one gives you such dedicated and robust features as they offer you.

Bambee HR helps companies who are struggling in establishing their business. Bambee HR offers a variety of HR policy templates that can be easily customized to fit your organization. Bambee HR also kept the whole record of compliance and all the challenges during the new startups. So, you can use their services if you are starting up your business.

Employee Feedback Record: 

Bambee HR provides voice tools to employees so that they can collect bambee reviews. They can share their feedback using their names or they can also share concerns anonymously. This is a good step that has been initiated by Bambee HR. In this way, a company can improve its services by collecting feedback from employees. Employee Voice can be utilized to share a number of feedbacks, including concerns about workplace issues or maybe some other issues.

Final Takeaway: 

It was a brief discussion on Bambee HR and its benefits. Now, if any of you is going to start up your business then you can go through the above-mentioned details and take your final decision. Did you like this content? If yes, share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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