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How To Choose the Best Back Stretcher for 2022 

If unfortunately, any of you is facing, back pain issues then you might need a back stretcher. We realize the importance of our backbone whenever it starts paining due to muscle pull or may be due to sitting in front of laptops for a long period. 

“It’s best to take an active role in caring for your back and strengthening the core muscles that support your back,” (Nick Shamie, M.D.) a professor of orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery at UCLA School of Medicine. 

You know how much a back stretcher can be helpful for you at the time of doing exercises or yoga. It will provide you with temporary relief from back pain so we can say that it is a good option for instant relief of back pain. 

Keep reading till the end as we are going to share all the details related to the back stretcher. So, let’s dive directly into it! 

What Is a Back Stretcher? 

A back stretcher is a lightweight piece of equipment that is made of wood or plastic. You have to lie on this equipment on your back and set your face up and you can position the paining part of your back over the curve of this stretcher. Do most of the people want to know that how long should you lay on a back stretcher? You can lay on a back stretcher for 5 minutes maximum for effective results.

Recent Studies on Health Benefits of Back Stretchers: 

Back Stretcher

There are many pieces of evidence are present that prove that using a back stretcher will help you in relieving your back pain. But somehow there is very less clinical research is done on this topic whether the back stretcher is helpful for back pain or not. 

However, there is a recent study in Taiwan by nurses showed that a lower back stretcher helps you in improving your back pain if it is used on regular basis. 

Using a back stretcher to stretch back muscles can be useful for back pain. One study in the journal Work showed that

 “You can get rid of your lower back pain by doing exercise while using light equipment such as rolling your lower back over the hard ball on a flat floor.”         

 But a back stretcher is most commonly used as it will cover your whole backbone instead of a hard ball. 

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Do Back Stretchers Work? 

There are a huge number of back stretcher types are available on the market. And every company provides you with an instruction paper at which they have clear instructions for you on how to position your back while using that equipment effectively. 

Usually, you have to sit on the flat floor with your knees bent and your backbone on the stretcher. You have to place the paining area of the back at the curve of the stretcher for better results. While using an adjustable back stretcher, is a good option. 

In addition, you should take care of your back while getting on and off a back stretcher to avoid any problems. 

Dr. Shamie suggests placing a blanket next to you so when you come off it, you can gently roll to one side and push yourself up with one hand on the floor’’ 

Can back stretchers damage your back? 

Usually, back stretchers are not as harmful, maybe in some rare conditions, they cause some damage such as using a back stretcher with tight muscles may cause some convulsion.

4 Best Back Stretchers for Back Pain: 

Below we have shared the best stretcher machine, you can have a look at all, for choosing the right one for you. 

1. Bacrac: 

The Bacrac was manufactured by an osteopath who was looking to provide the complete benefits of exercise to their patients. So, he designed a back stretcher for their patients, through which they can relieve back pain within 5 minutes. The best thing about the back stretcher is that you can use this at your home so that no need to go anywhere. 

This equipment is good for patients with a little bit of back pain and that’s why it is mostly recommended by doctors to their patients. 

2. The ARC: 

This is another best back pain stretcher which is made of plastic. You can use this equipment at your home and it is also ideal for traveling due to its small size. You have to place this equipment between your shoulders rapier when seated, and wrap it behind your neck when lying down to provide relaxation to your cervical vertebra. 

3. Sae Arc: 

The Sae Arc is somehow similar to the Arc, but this one offers you more kinds of back stretchers. Their all products are made of wood. This company is still using traditional back stretcher ideas practiced by acupuncturists and yogis. So, if you are the one who is looking for a more traditional and reliable back stretcher, go ahead with this one for sure. 


This equipment is another best option for back pain. You just have to wear this equipment for only 15 minutes a day and its results are so promising to give you appropriate results. It is not like a fancy trendy new styled stretcher but still, its results are quite effective and satisfactory. 

Does using a Back stretcher work? 

If we talk about the research about using a back stretcher to reveling back pain then it is very less often. But many pieces of evidence surely suggest that using back stretchers on regular basis along with recommendations will help you in reveling back pain. But we should use it as recommended by the company whose equipment you are using. Do not go beyond those suggestions, as it may cause damage to your backbone. 


We have shared all the details related to the back stretcher and its health benefits along with the best back stretchers for you. Now, if any of you, unfortunately, have a back issue, then you can choose according to your health condition and also you should consult your doctor before practicing any back stretcher. Is it worth reading? Share your experience in the comment box below. We would like to hear from you.

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