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5 Best Key Lime Pie in the key West  

If you are looking to have the details about the best key lime pie in the key west then you are at the right place. Whenever you are visiting key west, you must try the key lime pie. We recommend you to try this one, even if you ever do not try this. You know key lime is a delicious and creamy soft pie that is made of key lime juice along with egg yolks.  Key limes have variant taste flavors. If you do not know more about the key lime pie, then be with us till the end, as we are going to explore this for you in detail.  


Best key lime Pie in the Key West:  


The Key Lime Pie Bakery is a famous shop located near Duval Street and it is best key lime pie in the key west. In this place, you will have the best key lime pie, key lime slices along with chocolate dipped flavors are the most demanding in that bakery. You should try this delicious yummy key lime pie and enjoy it with your friends or family.  

key lime pie in the key west


If you are a veggie-lover, then you should visit this place as they serve you the key lime pie in key west. This place gives you a café like environment, and that’s why it is called THE CAFE.  This Café has a motto of ‘Rock the Veg’., So, a visitor can find all meat-related dishes such as brunch, lunch, and many more. Most of people want to know that Who is famous for Key lime pie? It is an old story according to that, a woman known as “Aunt Sally” started this recipe. She owns the legal rights to this recipe. But maybe the reality is different from this story. 


Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe is the best place for key lime pie in key west. This place is famous for serving the best key lime pie in Florida as they have the traditional key lime pie for you.  

 Kermit provides you with the most crust and whipped creaming key lime. You can enjoy a key lime pie with chocolate. If you want a gluten-free lime, then yes you can also find this one in this place. Due to its huge variation, a lot of visitors like to come to KERMIT’S KEY LIME SHOPPE. Most people have a query that Does Key West have the best Key lime pie? Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe is the best key lime pie in key west as they are the best rated in Florida. We suggest you to visit this place even if you are not a key lime pie lover because you will love having this delicious pie from this place. 


Blue Heaven Restaurant is the best place to visit during your trip to key west as they have the perfect key lime pie for you. They made key lime with the buttery graham cracker which will make your day more enjoyable. They can serve you with different toppings to enhance your flavor taste.

As most of people have a query that Where do locals get key lime pie in Key West? Locals get key lime pie at Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe as they claim to serve the best and most traditional key lime pie. And that’s why they have considered the best one in the city. The key lime pie contains the lemon creamy lemon filling, graham cracker crust, and with whipped cream on its top. 


Old Town Bakery is a traditional old-world key west and they have the tastiest key lime pie. You will have a variety of delicious dishes such as pastries, artisan bread, and some sandwich also. You can take the key lime pie with the sandwich to enhance your taste. This bakery opening time is from 7 am to 3 PM.  

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Our Final Take:  

We have tried to share some best key lime pie in key west with you. If you are planning to visit key west then you should try this recipe as it is the most demanding and delicious one along with a variety of flavors for everyone depending on your taste.  

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