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5 best website builder for affiliate marketing in 2022

Affiliate marketing is among the most profitable online business. When you’ve got the appropriate tools and knowledge individuals can earn huge monthly incomes just by sharing affiliate hyperlinks. It’s a fantastic method to earn an income that is passive working from the comfort of your home. However, to do this you’ll need a website. That’s the reason a best website builder for affiliate marketing can be helpful.

In the present, having an income that is passive is a method to get into the world. Cashing checks from home from time moment is the goal. But, it requires a lot of effort to achieve it. Do not take passive as a literal meaning since there’s a lot of work to be done. The process starts with the creation of a site. Better yet, several.

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You might want to test affiliate marketing but you have no experience in web development. If that’s the situation, a web builder could help you make your beginning point much… let’s begin with something that is tolerable.

However they are not considered to be the best solution to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for instance that is a crucial aspect of affiliate marketing. This isn’t to say that they don’t perform well. This is the reason I’m here to let you know which can do the job. Stay tuned!

Best website builders for affiliate marketing

  1. Zyro – cheapest affiliate marketing website builder
  2. Squarespace – premium website builder for affiliate marketing
  3. SITE123 – best well-rounded builder for affiliate marketing
  4. Wix – highly customizable website builder for affiliate marketing
  5. Duda – reliable website builder with flexible editing options

If you’d like to know the characteristics that make a good website builder that is suitable for affiliate sites I’ve got an overview to help you do that at the end of this post.



Zyro is an ideal web-based builder for affiliate marketing websites because it’s cheap. The majority of affiliate marketers have several websites, which means that an affordable solution will be more easily on your budget. However you can get a bargain: Zyro provides strong marketing and SEO tools and also an online blogging system.

Here are the main aspects that are essential to affiliate website creation:

  • SimpleThe builder is extremely simple to use.
  • The service offers more than 130 template templates responsive to suit all needs.
  • SEO Tools to promote your company.
  • AI instrumentslike free writer, logo creator blog title generator as well as AI heatmap.

The creation of an affiliate website called Zyro

Zyro is famous for its simplicity. After you have signed up, click the Create New Website button on your dashboard and you can begin the process.

One of the first things Zyro will ask you to do is to decide if you’d like to create your site by selecting a template or let its AI make one to you.

If you’ve no experience be assured that Zyro’s artificial intelligence can produce something quite decent.

Selecting a template shouldn’t be a hassle. things So you might consider giving it a go. There aren’t any dedicated templates for affiliate marketing However, there are more than 130 useful and stylish templates to suit any need.

Whatever your needs you’re looking for, there’s bound to be something that fits your requirements.

When you’ve selected the template, you’re free to use through the editor. Zyro comes with an easy drag-and-drop editor that lets you include elements like buttons, text and social buttons, media content and many other elements.

In terms of Marketing and SEO, Zyro has pretty reasonable elements. SEO tool allows you to improve the titles of your pages and descriptions to make them more search engine user-friendly.

You may also join your Zyro affiliate site with Google Analytics. Google Analytics account, which will allow you to enhance your site further. You can access integrations under the Website Settings and you’ll be able to access this option.

Apart from SEO and blogging, Zyro puts a few marketing tools in your arsenal as well. One of the most popular is that you can embed your Instagram feed on your website. Additionally, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social link integration is accessible.

Finally, along with other AI tools, such as writers’ title generator and blog titles, Zyro, it also has the most useful feature of all called one that is an AI heatmap.

The tool lets you visualize where users are browsing your website. Based on this information, you can put the information you would like visitors to see first on the top-performing sites.


Zyro is among the least expensive website builders that can be used for affiliate sites. There are three plans and prices range between $2.69 up to $14.39 each month. While you can utilize Zyro for free however it won’t get you far due to its limitations.

Whatever plan you choose to purchase, you get an SSL certificate, free email for 3 months SEO, branding and blogging software, free designs, and more. However, each plan is unique:

  • website ($2.69/mo) – unlimited bandwidth and storage free domain Live messenger chat Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager Payment via Stripe integration embed code, WhatsApp Live Chat.
  • Enterprise ($3.59/mo) – comes with all features that are included in the Website plan, and permits online selling up to 100 items. However, it has a the commission of 1% and permits accepting payments through Stripe only.
  • Advanced Store ($14.39/mo)– you can sell up to 2500 items in addition to an abandoned cart recovery. You you can sell your products on social media platforms as well as Amazon and also integrate filters for your products.

Best Value

The best Zyro plan for affiliate website is determined by what you intend to do. The most flexible plan is the website. Particularly if you’re not planning on selling your products online.


  • Affordable rates
  • Effective SEO and marketing tools
  • Simple drag-and-drop editor


  • The tools for blogging might be improved
  • There’s not much design flexibility

2. Squarespace


Squarespace is considered to be a top website builder because of the in-house features that go over more than just the basics. It’s simple to learn and has professionally-designed templates. Although there’s not any design flexibility however, you can build an effective affiliate site with minimal effort.

The major Squarespace strengths of affiliate websites are:

  • The company offers more than 110 responsive and well-designed templates to suit all needs.
  • Simple and simple to use Section-based designer editor.
  • A simple Blogging platform with SEO integration.
  • SEO across the entire site instruments for the more experienced users.
  • tool for tracking traffic that aids in analyzing your website’s performance.
  • Integration of social media for more impact.

Making an affiliate website using Squarespace

Squarespace ensured an easier website creation process. All you need just click the Create New Website button on your dashboard, and choose an appropriate template. It’s that easy.

There aren’t any templates specifically designed to use for affiliate marketing however it’s not a problem since you can select and pick among over 110 professional templates to suit any need.

The editor of Squarespace is extremely user-friendly. It’s a section-based editor that won’t cause anyone any problems. The menu left side has all the options and settings you’ll require. It allows you to add pages and alter their layout and colors and fonts and add images, buttons, and even product products.

A website that is affiliate-based does not exist without SEO, marketing strategies or analytics. Luckily, Squarespace thought about that and integrated the majority of the tools that you need.

To access the marketing options You can find them under Marketing on the left menu. From there you can create email marketing campaigns as well as control your SEO settings and build pop-ups to promote your business straight through Squarespace.

The Marketing menu is also loaded with social media options. By choosing Instagram stories you will be able to notify your followers of new content, or any special offers.

In terms of SEO, that is the thing that you must do to do is rank higher in search engines, simply click the SEO button beneath marketing. The checklist will direct you to the Squarespace’s blog regarding the subject. In addition you can use the Google Search Keywords will require users to connect to their Google Console. It’s not difficult, in fact.

In order to improve SEO, you’ll need to have the help of a blog which Squarespace provides.

Organic traffic can be achieved through keywords, and these keywords should be contained within your site’s content. A blog on your website can help to draw in natural traffic and lets you establish a more informal interaction with your customers.

Finally, you must find out if what you’re doing to enhance your affiliate site is working. Analytics is the way to do this. It’s located on the left side within your editors. It’s the place it is where you can look at the traffic flow, where it comes from as well as the conversion rate and more.

In essence, every one of of the necessary tools to create an affiliate website are provided in Squarespace.


Prices for Squarespace aren’t necessarily the most affordable but the site provides excellent value for money. There are four plans available which range in price between $16.00 up to $49.00 each month. A 14-day free trial is also available.

All plans come with all plans come with a free domain, SSL certificates as well as unlimited storage and bandwidth SEO tools as well as access to extensions and the basic measures. Nevertheless, the plans differ

  • Personal ($16.00/mo) – includes all of the above.
  • Corporate ($23.00/mo)– professional email service from Google free all year, and also available eCommerce features. Online payments and gift cards are also available.
  • Simple eCommerce ($27.00/mo) – everything from Business with the absence of transaction fees and customer accounts. You can also sell on social media. Additionally, you have an access to statistics and other merchandising tools.
  • Advanced eCommerce ($49.00/mo) – everything of the other plans, plus subscriptions abandon cart recovery advanced shipping, advanced discounts as well as Commerce APIs.

Best Value

It is the best option for affiliate site can be found in the Business Plan. It comes with enough resources, therefore worth the additional $6,000 (compared with Personal) for sophisticated analytics capabilities, Google Ads credit, and banners, pop-ups, and banners that promote your business.


  • It’s beginner-friendly
  • The templates are diverse and professional looking
  • The majority of features are built-in
  • You can access SEO, analytics, marketing and blogging capabilities


  • The price is not affordable for everyone.
  • There isn’t any design freedom.

3. SITE123

SITE123 is an easy but effective website builder. I believe it’s appropriate for affiliate websites due to its user-friendly. The templates are acceptable and the a handful of SEO and marketing tools will help you develop your site to become a profitable one.

Here’s what SITE123 can offer affiliate sites:

  • User-friendly The website will be operational in a flash.
  • SITE123 permits the integration of social networks.
  • There are more than 160 templates that are responsive that can be used for any purpose.
  • Site123’s built-in platform lets users to notify their customerswhen you publish new blog or product reviews and also gain insights into how well your emails are doing.
  • SITE123 includes an built-in feature that allows you to convert your content to a couple of other local languages (not included in The Basic Plan).
  • SEO tools that are beginner-friendlyfor the website. SEO Page Audit is a tool that will test on the meta tags, as well as the desired keywords, is included.

Create an affiliate site with SITE123

A few of the best advantages of SITE123 is the fact that it permits users to build a functioning website in just two steps.

The first thing is that SITE123 would like to know what kind of site you wish to build and then you must select among a range of possibilities.

In just a few seconds you’ll receive a pre-generated site. Because there weren’t any lengthy questions about what you prefer, you just receive what you want. However, don’t worry about it you can easily altered.

However you can start constructing your site by selecting an initial template.

There aren’t many templates made for affiliate sites However, there’s many options including over 160 useful templates to choose from.

The templates are quite basic however, with such a large selection of options, you’ll be capable of finding a suitable match to your website. In addition, you are able to tweak a few things in the right places.

The editor at SITE123 is very easy to use. Do not expect too much flexibility in design however, you can create pages and manage them include elements, modify the colors and fonts, and create sections. You can also alter the background and include filters to images.

In terms of affiliate-related features SITE123 allows you to include blogs to your website. It is accessible under Pages under the menu for editors. There are a variety of designs to pick from. After adding it, you can control your blog’s posts by accessing the page.

Another feature that is quite useful is the Website Languages. SITE123 lets you alter the language used on your website to any language you choose. It’s pretty cool, I’d say.

For SEO and marketing SITE123 provides a handful of tools that can assist you in marketing your website and help you optimize it to rank highly on Google and boost the rate of conversion.

One example is a tool known as SEO Adviser. It’s a simple but effective tool that analyzes your website and informs you of how you can improve your site. It’s also possible to perform an audit for more information, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, then you could hire an SEO professional.

In terms of marketing Site123 allows you to build a subscription form that will collect your visitors’ email addresses. That’s if you are planning to launch campaigns for marketing via email. In the event that you don’t, you may choose to integrate social media on your site.

In addition, you can install other tools for marketing. Just keep in mind that the plugin library of SITE123 is not the biggest.


SITE123 includes one free and five plan options that are premium. The prices range for the paid plans ranges between $11.88 and up $45.00 each month.

What is common to all plans is the option of having a free custom domain and the possibility of connecting to your private domain name, as well as the option of removing from the SITE123 floating label. In terms of specifics:

  • Standard ($12.80/mo) – 10GB storage and 5GB of bandwidth.
  • Advanced ($11.88/mo) 30GB storage 15GB bandwidth, 1,000 mail list messages, two mailboxes, and one additional language.
  • Professional ($17.28/mo) – 90GB storage 15GB of bandwidth and 2500 mail list messages, five mailboxes, and three additional languages.
  • Gold ($20.88/mo) – 270GB storage 135GB bandwidthand 10k mail message list, 10 mailboxes and five additional languages. eCommerce is limited to 500 transactions per month are included as well. Also, credit card gateways, and statistics on websites.
  • Platinum($45.00/mo) – 1,000GB storage with 1000GB bandwidth, 50k mail list messages 25 mailboxes, and unlimited languages. Additionally, you get advanced online features like SEO Advisor and multi-currency as well as abandoned cart recover.

Best Value

For basic affiliate sites the Basic plan should suffice. If however, the storage is too limited I would suggest taking a to either or the Advanced or the Professional plans.


  • It’s beginner-friendly
  • Extensive blogging platform
  • Many templates are suitable for affiliate websites.
  • Tools for SEO and Marketing are readily available.


  • The cost is high.
  • Little design flexibility

4. Wix

Wix is a well-known website builder. It gained popularity and fame because of its design versatility. I believe it’s also an one of the best web builder for affiliate marketing websites since it comes with numerous SEO and marketing tools. If you’re in need of anything, Wix has it covered.

Let’s take a look at what Wix can offer to an affiliate site:

  • Simple to use ADI web-based generator and a completely customizable drag-and drop editor.
  • The service offers more than 700 customizable templatesfor any purpose. If you search for”business”, the “business” keyword, SITE123 offers 206 results. For “blog” – 71.
  • Wix provides SEO Wiz – an step-by step guide on how to enhance your web site’s SEO. The tools aid in setting the foundations and provide suggestions on how to be done to improve the web visibility.
  • Wix lets you integrate social media and allows you to communicate with your readers on the site.

Making an affiliate site with Wix

best website builder for affiliate marketing

Some are hesitant to use Wix difficult because the choices for customization can become confusing. But, the website creation procedure is easy to understand. You’ll have a great time, even if you are a novice.

To make it easier, Wix asks you what type of site you’re looking for right from the beginning. The question is relevant to any templates that you’ll be advised in the future.

After you have entered your response, Wix wants to know whether you are able to build your website on your own by using a template, or if you can use Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence).

I chose to use the template I went with the template Wix repeatedly surprises me with its range of templates available. There are over 700 fully functional template designs. Even better, each one is just as elegant and pleasing to the eye as the first.

There’s no particular category for affiliate marketing. This is the reason Wix suggested a few templates from different categories which would best fit my needs. And all of them look amazing.

When you select a template, you’ll be presented with the Wix editor. It’s true that beginners might get confused with all the options for customization, however, trust me when I say that you’ll be able to master it quickly.

The editor on Wix lets you manage and add sections as well as pages and elements manage your theme, and even customize your background. You can also add applications or media. In addition you have access to over 1000 custom-designed elements, you can play with the above features.

You can also create an existing blog using Your editing. All you have to do is click on to click the My Blog button to the left. You are free to select a design and layout. The same menu lets you to control the blog’s posts.

Moving to SEO and marketing be aware you’re using Wix’s is the web builder who understands the importance of SEO. A few builders are designed to optimize SEO, for instance however, Wix is.

With its marketing and marketing solutions, Wix are able to create email campaigns and manage social integrations. You can also connect to tools like Google Analytics and Tag Manager, and so on.

In addition, from here you will be able to access the SEO settings that are pretty comprehensive. If this seems too overwhelming to handle, you can hire an SEO expert.

Finally, you can manage all your social media posts right via Wix’s dashboard which I love. There’s no need to go going back and forth. It’s a simple procedure that brings all of it together, which means you’ll have less work to do.


Wix provides one free and four standard plans that range between $16.00 up to $45.00 monthly. Be aware that this free plan is just good to test, otherwise there are too many restrictions.

The only thing that common to all plans common is free domain as well as SSL certificates. The only difference is:

  • Combo($16.00/mo) – 3GB of storage space and 30 minutes of video.
  • Unlimited ($22.00/mo) – 10GB of storage, 1 hour of video $300 worth of advertising vouchers, a site boost app as well as an analytics app and analytics app, both free for a year.
  • Professional ($27.00/mo) – 20GB of storage, 2 hours of video as well as an event calendar app (free for one year) Professional logo Professional logo files.
  • VIP ($45.00/mo) – just as Pro however, the storage capacity increases to 25GB and the duration of video time ranges from 1 to 5 hours. Priority support is available.

Best Value

For a website that is affiliate-related I would recommend you go with the Unlimited Plan. It’s generally higher priced than Combo plan, however Combo is only for personal use and will not provide enough storage.


  • Highly customizable
  • Wix ADI is extremely easy to utilize
  • Premium SEO and marketing features
  • Great selection of templates


  • Prices are a bit than average
  • Editor could take a while to adjust to

5. Duda

Duda isn’t the most popular name in the world of website design However, this could change in the near future. With modern designs with in-house marketing and SEO features, as well as reliable performance thanks the use of Amazon Web Services, Duda is more than apt to host an affiliate site.

Let’s take a look at what Duda provides for affiliate sites:

  • The company offers more than 100 templates that are responsive that can be used for any purpose. When searching for the “business” keyword, Duda has 31 results , and for “blog” – 27.
  • If rapid execution are something that you are looking for, Duda is very fast. The majority of its websites are located by Amazon Web Services.
  • Good SEO tools (Google Page Speed Optimization Titles that can be customized Meta descriptions, URLs, Meta descriptions and Text in alt).
  • Marketing tools such as a landing page template, white label handouts, white label sales decks, emails header images.

The creation of an affiliate site together with Duda

Although I’ve worked with other web builders several times, Duda was still pretty new to me. I was awestruck by the simplicity of the site design procedure. If you’re a novice it shouldn’t be a problem. problems.

First, sign up for an account. You will then find the option to create an entirely new website on your dashboard. After that, Duda asks what kind of website you’d like to create.

There’s nothing much in there, but the possibilities will get bigger as you progress.

The next step is to pick an appropriate template. There aren’t specific templates specifically designed for affiliate sites However, that shouldn’t hinder you from using the hosting service, which has hundreds of responsive designs. I’m certain you’ll find one that best suits your needs. They all are modern and professional.

After you’ve made your decision After that, you just need to give your site the name you want, and it’ll be able to contact the editor.

Duda is an simple but functional Drag-and-Drop editorthat’s more flexible than the other builders I’ve worked with. You can create widgets, pages, and content. It is also possible to play with layout as well as fonts and colors.

If you’d like to include a blog on your site, all you have to do is click the Blogbutton in the menu left It’s that easy. There, you’ll be able to manage your blog and modify settings, and modify the layout and import the posts.

In addition, similar to SITE123, Duda also offers the possibility of changing the language of your website to whatever you like. Make your blog enjoyable for everyone.

Concerning SEO, Duda didn’t go for anything extravagant. But, you do have the benefit of a handful of tools that help you optimize the content on your site.

While integration with social media is extremely useful, I have to not forget that Duda currently does not have an integrated tool for newsletters.

Whatever, Duda allows you to monitor your website’s analytics. However, you’ll have to join your Google Analytics account. This process will only take one minute.


Duda is within the same price bracket that Wix, Squarespace, and SITE123. It offers three plans that have rates vary between $14.00 to $44.00 each month. These include some discounts, so don’t put it against me when the costs are higher after you have a look.

All three plans include the ability to personalize your website, Google page speed optimization and all access to HTML and CSS. They also come with free SSL and backup of your site and hosting in Amazon Cloud. However, there are some significant differences:

  • Standard ($14.00/mo) – allows to build one website. It provides email assistance, a small content library and any additional website costs $14.25 per year.
  • Teams ($22.00/mo) – allows the creation of a single website, and comes with phone, chat and email support, a few dynamic pages that have internal connections and every additional website is $9.75/month. Collaboration tools, white-label platforms along with team resources are readily available, as are tools for managing clients.
  • Agency ($44.00/mo) – allows the creation of 4 websites, and comes with 10 collaborators, a widget builder website support, as well as dynamic pages. Each additional site is $8.25/mo.

Best Value

To give you more flexibility for greater flexibility, you can choose a Team plan is best suitable for an affiliate marketer. You will have access to more powerful tools than Basic as well as the cost of an additional website is much less.


  • It’s beginner-friendly
  • The editor is extremely flexible.
  • There are enough internal features to help with SEO and marketing
  • The templates are contemporary and functional.


  • The templates are contemporary and functional.
  • There is no integrated tool for newsletters.

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