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How Much Does It Cost to Scan Documents at FedEx?  

The cost of scan documents at FedEx is the most searched query as a lot of people and businesses have to scan their documents. In this digital age, it’s important to manage the budget of a company wisely. Maybe you want to digitize important documents for records or maybe you want to share them online or email them to someone else, scanning can save you time and money. One of the most popular places to scan documents is FedEx, so that’s why in this article, we’ll break down the cost of scanning documents at FedEx. Be with us till the end to consume all the details!  


What is Document Scanning at FedEx?  

FedEx offers a document scanning service, but what is the cost of scan documents at FedEx? FedEx allows you to digitize your paper documents instantly and easily. And their service is available at every location of the FedEx Office in the United States. With document scanning, you can create top-quality digital copies of your documents, which you can save into a USB drive, email to yourself or others, or upload to the cloud. Do most people want to know how much does it cost to scan a document? The average cost to scan a paper document is between $0.07 to $. 0.12 per page. 

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Factors that Affect the Cost of Scanning Documents at FedEx:  

As we have mentioned earlier, many factors can impact the cost of scanning documents at FedEx. Below we have shared some of the most common ones:  

  • Number of Pages: 

 If you have more pages to scan, then surely you have to face higher cost. FedEx charges per page, so keep this in mind when calculating the overall cost.  

  • Color vs. Black and White:  

If you want color scans, then you should expect to pay more. Black and white scans are usually more affordable. Most people want to know that Can I scan a document at FedEx? Yes, you can scan your documents at Fedex. You can scan your large or smaller documents easily and then save them to your flash drive. 

  • Additional Services: 

 If you need any additional services such as OCR, file format conversion, or file compression, then you may be charged extra fees.  

Tips to Save Money When Scanning Documents at FedEx:  

If you want to save money on scanning documents at FedEx, then follow the below-listed tips:   

  • Go for Black and White:   

You should go for a black and white scan if you want to save money and you do not need color copies.  

  • Scan Only What You Need:   

You should not scan unnecessary pages. Only scan what you want to, so in this way, you can save money.  

  • Choose the Right File Format:  

You must select the right file format if you want to save money. Some formats, such as PDF, may be cheaper than others.  

  • Group Your Scanning Tasks:  

You should combine data on a single page so in this way, you can save money. As multiple documents charge more.  

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Cost to Scan Documents at FedEx:  

The cost of scanning documents at FedEx depends on several factors such as the number of pages you want to scan, the type of scanning service you choose, and whether you want color or black-and-white scans. Below we have shared the pricing for document scanning at FedEx:  

  • Black and White Scanning: $0.15 per page  
  • Color Scanning: $0.79 per page  

If anyone needs additional services, such as file format conversion, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), or file compression, then you have to face additional charges. It’s important to note that these prices can be changed, and they may vary depending on your location. Most people want to know that What scanner does FedEx use? They use customer agents, couriers, sorting personnel, and the SuperTracker to scan barcodes on packages. So, you can check the quality of your documents.  

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Our Take:  

Scanning documents at FedEx can be convenient and efficient if you know the cost of scan documents at FedEx. However, it’s essential to understand the cost of the scanning service and how it is calculated. By keeping these factors in mind and following our tips, anyone can save money on document scanning.  

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