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DBA vs LLC: Read to know the Differences  

If you’re opening a new setup then you should know about the DBA vs LLC differences as when you are starting your new business you have to register your business in one of the above-mentioned terms. Both terms permit you to do your business under your business name.

DBA is your business registered name whereas LLC is your business structure. You should know the all differences between both of them to run your successful business. Be with us to have complete details related to DBA vs LLC.  


What is a DBA?  

DBA vs LLC is going to be discussed in our context. First starting with the DBA. DBA is a short form of “doing business as.” A DBA is your business trade name or a fictitious name that you use to run your business in the market. You can say that DBA is the nickname of your business. Later you will find the details on how to get a DBA.  


What is an LLC?  

An LLC is a liability firm and a legal business framework. LLC is a form of shield that can protect your assets. An LLC is a kind of financial barrier between you and your company. Limited liability protection is the main thing that small business uses for LLCs to operate their setup. An LLC can be owned by one or more than one person.  

Which one is good DBA or LLC?  

  •  A DBA is not a legal form of business and that’s why it cannot retain on its own. First, of all, you have to register your business as a recognized business framework and after that, you can file for a DBA. But it is not necessary as it is only the legal name of your registered business.  
  •  LLCs are also not obligated to use. But in most cases, it has been seen that it needs to have a variant name for your business. Such as if you are running a physiotherapy clinic and now you want to expand your services like you want to add an eye care service. So, you do not need to go through the formation of a new LLC instead of it, you can reform your current LLC to add new services.  

DBA vs LLC Differences: 

1. Database Administrator (DBA):  

  •  Easy & Convenient:  

You must have money to own DBA or LLC. But in the formation of a DBA, you will need less money and it is also easy to create. And that’s why most freelancers use to have a DBA instead of an LLC.  

  • Less Operational Needs:  

If you are running a DBA then you have to follow up fewer rules compared to the LLC. For instance, In DBA you do not need to make annual reports that have to highlight your business work or activities which is done in that year. You can handle all your official documents so do not need to hire another person for this work.  

2. Limited Liability Company (LLC):  

  1. Personal Liability Protection:  

An LLC is somehow good for all those who do not want to handle all the problems by themself as any problem that comes in your company debts.  

  1. Discrete legal Entity:  

If you are the one who is running two businesses at the same time, and you have filed as a separate LLC then you can officially become the owner of both businesses. The benefit of LLC is that if there is any problem that comes in one business it will not affect your other business. So, we recommend you have a separate bank account for your business or legal entity.  

  1. Entire Rights to the Business Name:  

One of the best things about choosing an LLC is selecting your business name, which should be unique. Once, your company is registered with the name then no other company can use your company name to run their business.  

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Our Take:  

We have shared all the aspects of the DBA vs LLC with you and their key differences. Now, you can easily understand both. Which one you are using to run your business, share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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