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Does Sam’s Club Do Oil Changes? Everything You Need to Know  

Does Sam’s Club do oil changes? Yes, it offers oil change at only specific locations. All centers do not offer oil exchange services. Therefore, it’s crucial to investigate whether your nearest Sam’s Club provides this service or not before you visit the site. As we all know that vehicle maintenance is an important thing for all those who own any sort of vehicle such as car. By changing the oil of your car or vehicle you can extend the life of your car and also improves its overall performance. Your car’s fuel efficiency will also be increased by changing the oil on time.  

 In this article, we will explore if Sam’s Club does oil changes and offers you all the associated services you need to know to maintain your vehicle.  


Does Sam's Club do oil Changes

Types of Oil Changes Offered:   

 We will explore your query does Sam’s Club do oil changes or not? But before that let me share some types of oil changes Sam’s club offered to its customers. It offers many types of oil changes to fulfill your vehicle needs. These include:  

  1. Basic Oil Change:  

 In this service, they offer up to five quarts of conventional motor oil along with the new oil filter. This type of oil change is made for only drivers who usually do not ride for long rides. Do most people want to know that Do Sam’s Club members get discounts on tires? You will get a discount only if you get their plus membership. You can save $40 when you purchase a tire installation service. But this offer is only valid at specific locations of Sam’s club.  

  1. High Mileage Oil Change:  

 This service is mostly recommended for all vehicle owners. Its service provides 75,000 miles of mileage and up to five quarts of high-mileage motor oil. You will also get an oil filter with it. Do most people want to know that Does Sam’s Club put air in tires? Yes, Sam’s Club put air in tires and they offer more services to their plus members such as free tire repair air pressure and tread depth checks, tire rotation, and wiper blade installation. Only Plus Members can get free tire inflation or deflation services only once.  

  1. Synthetic Oil Change:  

 In this service, they offer you up to five quarts of synthetic motor oil and a new oil filter. This type of oil change is appropriate for drivers who have to travel long distances.  

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Why Choose Sam’s Club for an Oil Change?   

There are several reasons why you should choose Sam’s Club for an oil change:  

  • Competitive Pricing:   

The prices at Sam’s Club are higher than other auto service providers. Do most people want to know that Does Sam’s Club do car batteries?  

Yes, Sam’s Club offers free car battery replacement service at Tire & Battery Centers for most vehicles. They have an experienced team who will take care of your vehicle and install the right battery for the vehicle. So, you should visit the Sam’s Club if you have it in your nearest location to avail of their amazing services.  

  • Quality service:  

 Sam’s Club only uses top-quality motor oil and oil filters to provide your vehicle best treatment in long run.   

  • Convenience:   

Sam’s Club provides convince to its customers as you can go shopping during their vehicle maintenance.  

  • Warranty:   

Sam’s Club provides a lifetime warranty on all of its tires. So, in this way, you can save money.  

What is the cost of oil changes at Sam’s Club?  

The cost of an oil change at Sam’s Club is different. It depends on the type of oil change and also on your location. However, the prices are usually high compared to other auto service centers.  

 On average, a basic oil change at Sam’s Club costs nearly $30, whereas a synthetic oil change costs nearly $55.   

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Our Take:  

Now, your query does Sam’s Club do oil changes is resolved hopefully. Did you ever use their services if yes share your experience with us in the comment box below? And if you need more assistance share with us as we would like to help you. 

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