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Funny iPhone Names to Make You Smile  

Funny iPhone names have become an integral part of our lives as it helps us to stay connected with others in an easy way. However, the fun never stops as most iPhone users have assigned some funny names to their devices. Below we are going to share some funny iPhone names idea that you will surely like. So, be with us till the end.  


How do you Nickname your iPhone?  

You can give any name to your iPhone, according to your choice. For changing the name of your iPhone, you have to follow below-mentioned steps:  

  • Go to Settings > General > About > Name.  
  • Tap enter a new name, then tap Done.  

Funny Names of iPhone:  

1. Food-Themed Names:  

There are many funny iPhone names available online and you will surely love them. One of them is Food-Themed names and this was assigned by the food lovers who were inspired by some cuisine or snack maybe. Some examples are listed below:  

  • Pineapple: If you are a lover of tropical fruits then this name is surely perfect for your iPhone.  
  • Avocado: This is the most popular fruit and a great source of healthy fats and you can assign this name to your iPhone.  
  • Sushi: This name is only for Japanese as it is a cuisine that is popular in Japanese. So, you can opt it for your iPhone.  
Funny iphone Names

2. Pop Culture-Inspired Names:  

Whether you are a movie lover or a music lover, or maybe a TV show addict, we have some perfect pop culture-inspired iPhone names for you. Below is the list:   

  • Yoda: For Star Wars fans, this name is perfect.  
  • Gandalf: This is another wise character name that you can give to your iPhone and especially if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan.  
  • Hermione: If you are a Harry Potter fan, then this name is perfect for your iPhone.  

3. Animal-Inspired Names:  

Many iPhone users like to name their iPhones according to their favorite animals. Below we have listed some examples:   

  • Penguin: This is the most adorable bird name that I like to suggest to you for your iPhone.  
  • Panda: It is for panda lovers, think how funny it will look when you call your iPhone a panda in gatherings.  
  • Sloth: It is for all those who love to take it easy and relax.  
  • Kangaroo: If you are always on the go, Kangaroo is a fun name for your iPhone.  

4. Musical-Inspired Names:  

For music lovers, it is best to assign your favorite artist’s name to your iPhone or maybe a favorite song. Some people also assign their favorite instrument names to their iPhones.  

 Here are some examples:  

  • Beyoncé: For Queen Bey fans, it’s a good and funny option to opt for.  
  • Guitar: For those who love playing or listening to music, Guitar is a perfect name for your iPhone.  
  • Piano: A classic instrument, the Piano is a great name for your iPhone.  
  • Drake: It is the best name for all Drake fans. Drake is a popular rapper over the world.  

5. Superhero-Inspired Names:  

For those who love superheroes can give name to their iPhone. Your favorite superhero is the best option to go with. 

 Here are some examples:  

  • Batman: For fans of the Dark Knight, it is a great option and also it adds fun.  
  • Spider-Man: For those who love the web-slinging hero, Spider-Man is a great iPhone  name for your iPhone.  
  • Wonder Woman: For fans of the Amazonian warrior princess, assigning your name according to it is a great decision.  
  • Iron Man: For those who love Tony Stark and his high-tech suit, Iron Man is a superb name for your iPhone.  

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In conclusion:  

 We have shared a lot of funny iPhone names with you. You can also personalize the name of your iPhone according to your choice. Whether you choose a food-themed name, a pop culture-inspired name, an animal-inspired name, a travel-inspired name, a musical-inspired name, or a superhero-inspired name, the possibilities are endless. So, you should be creative and choose a name that makes you and your friends smile. What name you have assigned to your iPhone, Share with us in the comment box below.  

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