How to Track a Lost Phone

How to Track a Lost Phone?

Smartphones are a necessity nowadays but what happens if you lost your phone? How to track a lost phone is going to be the first query that you are going to search on different search engines. We know the panic of losing our smartphones as it has the same value as our other things such as a wallet or keys. 

Well! There are many ways to find your lost phone because your android phone already has some tracking software in it. But if you are not familiar with this software, then stick with us to know all the details. You do not have to worry about it as we are going to share some specific and proven ways to find your smartphone. So, keep reading till the end to have consumed all the details. So; let’s dive into it! 


Can I Track my phone if it was stolen? 

There are plenty of ways available on the internet on how to track a phone. The most common method is a wireless carrier that will track your stolen or lost phone. But if you do not have access to this method then go and report it as you want. You can also find it through Google Find my device method.

3 Methods to Find a Lost Phone: 

Below we have shared all the details of each way of how to track a lost phone.  

 Method I: FamiSafe – Lost Phone Tracker: 

FamiSafe is considered the best method to find a lost phone or iPhone in a real-time location. But you should install it on your phone or iPhone. It is also a good app if your children have a phone, as children usually lose their phones due to negligence. Thus, it’s good to install such an app on their phone before they lose their phone. Through this app, you can locate the exact position of your phone without any worries. 

Your phone is the one that has all your content such as videos, and pictures. So, this information should not be leaked.  

You just have to follow these easy steps to find a lost phone: 

1. First of all, Install FamiSafe on your phone and on your child’s phone. 

2. Now you have to create an account and become registered on the FamiSafe app. Your one account stands for both your and your child’s phone. 

3. Another feature that FamiSafe provides you with is that parents can monitor their child’s activity through their phone. As a parent you just have to specify which device you want to track and that’s it. 

4. FamiSafe is also liked by parents as it will provide them with complete control over their children’s location and browsing. 

5. If your phone has been lost, then FamiSafe will locate its position and that’s it. 

Method II: Track your Lost Device by using Find my Device by Google: 

If you are the one who is using an Android phone, then you can get help from Google. Google has introduced a new feature, the Find my Device feature to locate your phone. You know most of us when lost our phones, first of all, we go to Google and Serach for Google to find my device. 

Follow these steps to find a lost phone: 

1. A user must go to Play Store and download the “Find my Device” app on your phone. 

2. Alternatively, a user can go to the phone setting, then security and finally turn on “Remotely locate this device”. 

3. Thus, whenever you want to locate your phone, then go to Google’s Find my Device website ( and log in to your Google inked device only.  

4. Now, Select the device that you want to track. And it will locate your lost phone. 

5. You can also zoom in to find the exact location of your phone. Here are many other features you can control such as a ring, screen lock, etc. 

Method III: Fine Lost iPhone by using Find my iPhone by Apple: 

Just like Google, Apple also provides its users with the best solution to find their lost iPhone. It provides you with very committed services that will help you to locate your lost device. 

Follow the below-mentioned simple steps to find your lost phone:  

1. First, you have to go to your iPhone iCloud setting and then tap on “Find my iPhone”. Here you must turn on the location to link your iPhone. 

2. Now, if you have lost your iPhone unfortunately, then go to the official website of iCloud and log in to your account which you have linked with your iPhone. 

3. From its main page, you must Launch the “Find my iPhone” interface. 

4. Select the device that you want to locate from the option given at the website interface. 

5. This website provides you with the exact position of your device. 

How can I track my lost phone using the IMEI number? 

You must follow the given steps to track your lost phone by using the IMEI number: 

  1.  You must download and Install IMEI Tracker
  2. You have to download this app from the play store. 
  3.  Once it is installed on your device, now, open it. 
  4. Finally, log in to your Google Account for real-time phone tracking. 

How do you locate a lost cell phone that is turned off for free? 

To find your phone, you must go to your Find My Device website and log in to your Google account that is associated with your device. If you are using more than one phone, then select the lost phone in the menu from the top of the screen.  

Final Thoughts: 

It was a brief discussion on how to track a lost phone and different effective ways of finding your device. Now, you can check all the details that have been shared above. Is it worth reading? If yes, let us know in the comment box below. We are open to hearing your suggestions to make our content more fascinating for you.

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