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Organic Tampons: Are they safe or not?  

Organic tampons are something that has emerged into the market since 1930 but now they have gained immense popularity due to their newly added features. But the question is are they good for you or not? Well, if you are looking for this query, then you are in the right place. Be with us till the end to consume all the details related to the organic tampons.  


What are Organic Tampons?  

Organic tampons are free of all fragrances and dyes and also from bleach, as it is made of organic cotton. If we talk about ordinary tampons then they are made of purified cotton and rayon fibers including a blend of variant materials. Rayon is well-known due to its absorbent properties as it is made of wood pulp.  

“Organic tampons are no safer for you than conventional tampons,” Stacy De-Lin M.D., a gynecologist, and family planning specialist told GoodRx. Still, advertisements from various feminine care brands can make you feel otherwise. Most of people have a query that Are organic tampons better?   

If you think that organic tampons can save you from TSS then you are wrong because TSS has nothing to do with the type of tampons whether you use organic or typical ones.  

“[TSS] has more to do with the absorbability and the length of use of one singular tampon,” Dweck said. “So that doesn’t make much of a difference when it comes to organic versus not.”  

To save yourself against TSS, Dweck said you should “never leave a tampon in for more than eight hours, make sure the tampon packaging is intact before you put it in, and [use] the lowest absorbency that’s reasonable for your flow.” 

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What are the benefits of Organic Tampons?  

There are some benefits of organic tampons that are as follows:  

  • Organic tampons are free of hazardous chemicals.  
  • Organic tampons are not dangerous for our food chain system.  
  • Organic tampons do not pollute our drinking water.  
  • Organic tampons are “lightening” to our periods. 

Why did regular tampons are not trustable?  

Tampons are entered into the market by Tampax brand in the mid of 1930 by a general practitioner whose name is Earle Cleveland Haas. In 1980, a report was issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), according to this report, tampons cause toxic shock syndrome (TSS). 890 cases were reported in that year. After this incident, the manufacturer of tampons changed their formula, and after that only 61 cases were reported. And that’s why people’s trust in this product becomes difficult because people got a lot of concerns regarding their health.  

Environmental Effects of Tampons:  

As a buyer you should not buy plastic applicators, you should use the brands that offer biodegradable applicators. Many scientific researches have shown that pesticides are not good for insects, fish, and birds. We should avoid using products that are hazardous for the other environmental community. The pesticides can also get attached to our drinking water and also affect vegetables and fruits. These are all bad effects of these pesticides. Most of people want to know that What is the healthiest tampon to use?  

Below we have shared some best Non-Toxic and Organic Tampons available in the market:  

  • Cora Organic Cotton Tampons.  
  • Tampax Pure Organic Regular Absorbency Tampons.  
  • Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons.  
  • The Honest Company Organic Cotton Tampons.  
  • Rael Organic Cotton Unscented Tampons.  
  • Organic 100% Certified Organic Cotton Tampons.  

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Which Tampons are the least toxic?  

Here you have the list of some least toxic Organic tampons:  

  1. Cora regularly used tampons. Its Price is $9.  
  1. Rael is another least toxic tampon whose price is $7.  
  1. Lola which comes in the range of $11.99.  
  1. Natracare is Price $5.99.  
  1. Oi tampons come nearly in the range of $6.99.  
  1. Seventh Generation tampons which are the least ones with the least hazardous effects come in the range of $6.99.  
  1. Tampax Pure is another best organic tampon which has a price of $7.99.  
  1. The last one is Honey Pot whose price is $7.99.  

Final Remarks:  

It was a brief discussion on organic tampons and some crucial factors that are harmful to the environment. Now, if you want to use tampons then go for organic ones as they are less toxic to the other living community and for food chain supply.  

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