Is Paris Baguette Korean or French

What is Paris Baguette Famous For? 

If you are a food lover, then you hear the name of Paris Baguette which is a popular bakery chain world widely. This bakery has won many food competitions due to its delicious food and baking recipe. It is a Korean bakery blockchain that is spread globally. 

We know food, is essential for our life, and many of us wanted to know the best places that have our favorite foods or bakery items. So, we have decided to explore this globally famous bakery for you, we are going to discuss its all details. So, keep reading till the end to consume all information. Let’s dive into it! 

What is meant by Paris Baguette? 

Paris Baguette is a bakery chain which is owned by SPC Group. It was established in 1986, as a subordinate of Shani Co., Ltd., and opened its first ‘Paris Baguette’ in Gwanghwamun.  

In 1988, this bakery started establishing its franchise, and finally, in 2004, it became the NO.1 bakery in Korea. After this success, this bakery owners started branching out their bakery from the local market to the international such as they have established branches in the United States, Vietnam, Singapore, and in many other countries.  And soon, it becomes a global company.

Is Paris Baguette a Korean company? 

Paris Baguette is a south-Korean based company owned by the SPC group, along with 4K units internationally. This company offers bakery items, ice cream, and donuts.

Paris Baguette Short Details:

HeadquartersSeoul, South Korea
Key peopleCho Sang-ho (CEO)
ProductsBaguette, croissant, cake in bread, confectionery
Revenue1.51 billion USD (2013)
ParentSPC Group

Three-point Marketing Strategy: 

Their strategy includes three main points upscaling the brand, introduce differentiation and localize their brand at which they work to become an international company. 

  1. Upscaling the Brand: 

This company first works on establishing its brand image by opening Paris Baguette outlets in the commercial areas to get more attention from people.

For example, in Shanghai, they launched their outlet in the famous shopping district to get more customers. 

These locations surely attract more customers and also tourists who may be interested in the food items they serve. Similarly, in Singapore, they opened their store on Orchard Road, which is popular as a shopping area. 

However, this company knows the real upscaling strategy to attract more customers, and it is their first step in marketing their company. The next step is as follows. 

  1. Introduced Differentiation: 

The second step is differentiation at which this company worked. This step is accomplished by providing high-quality food along a sophisticated customer service. 

Paris Baguette menu has its own recipe to make a special dough that is lighter and airier. It is somehow different from the traditional dough as it has new and unique menu to make.

To increase brand awareness in new markets, Paris Baguette promotes its brand through many programs internationally and also through social media profiles. 

For example, in China, this company had sponsored many big events such as the HSBC Golf Tournament and the F-1 Racing competition. This company has launched many baking courses so that they can attract more people to their local stores. It is the best way to spread awareness about any brand in which you involve your customers deeply in the organization. 

  1. Localize The Brand: 

Paris Baguette worked on diversifying and localizing its menu according to the market in which they are working. Their focus is to add at least 20% of every menu according to the specific taste of the region where the store is launched. 

For example, in China, their menu adds items such as Rousong bread and in Vietnam, it provides the Bahn Mi Baguette Sandwich. And if we talk about the U.S market, they worked hard to provide low-calorie healthy food as the U.S residentials are health-conscious people. After they won the heart of locals, and residentials, and then they introduce their Korean items such as pastries along with red bean fillings and also Bingsu, a shaved ice dessert. 

Benefits of Building Resources: 

Paris Baguette has taken many different steps for the successful development of its company by building its resources in different international markets. Some of the benefits are as follows:  

  • This company has a long experience and learning phases. After passing this, journey they have become the NO.1 baking company internationally.  
  • This company has developed many technical links in the international market. This company has set its cost according to its market so that it can attract more consumers to its stores. 
  •  Paris Baguette has worked on every aspect of their store from bakery item ingredients to their special dough. They have established many distribution plants to grow their network. 
  •  Product differentiation is another benefit of this company. As they have introduced many variations in their items such as adding more healthy ingredients just like the European bakeries have. They have added more items to their menu according to the market. They have added French bread, sandwiches, and also cakes to make their company more innovative. 
  • This company has unique elements in their items and also, they have set a special dress for their stuff which is stylized in the Breton-style striped tops. 
  •  This company has built a high-end image in the international market. As they have sophisticated customer service along with unique and special interior store design which is liked by their customers. 

Is Paris Baguette Korean or French? 

Paris Baguette was started in 1988, as a subsidiary of the SPC Group. And this company has worked hard to become an international company. 

Final Thought: 

We have discussed the international bakery company which is Paris baguette. This company has a unique and mind-blowing taste which makes it an international favorite bakery. This company has worked on a three-point strategy to became worldwide popular. Did you find this content, worthy? If yes, then let us know in the comment box below. We are open to hearing your suggestions to make our content more informative and interesting for you.

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