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5 Best Places in Praiano 

Praiano is a small city that is placed on rocky cliffs. It is a beautiful leisurely place to visit. Most travelers like to visit the beaches in this place, to take sunbathe in an enjoyable dramatic environment that has cliffs and beautiful seas. The visitors can do hiking at the ancient path of GOD trails or you can also walk with your partner in the streets.  

The views are fantastic and beautiful. This place has old crunches and cliffside and also some eye-catching restaurants for you. Priano also has incredible island Grottes, pristine beaches, and hidden coves to explore. You will need a boat to explore some of its place. You are going to love this place if you visit this place. Be with us till the end as we are going to share some best places of Priano.


Best Places in Praiano: 

1. San Gennaro Church:

San Gennaro church is a small town in Priano and it is placed in the middle of Priano. You can enjoy all the incredible sea’s view which are located in a large area. There is a place known as a square which is mostly liked and is visited by travelers. The church is famous because of its tile floor. Most of people have a query that Is Praiano worth a visit? Yes, definitely visiting Praiano is going to be worth it for you as we have mentioned above as it is a great place for peace. It has incredible crushers, beautiful views, and fine restaurants. 

2. Di Santa Maria a Castro Convent:  

To reach this convent, the travelers have to climb the Praiano by following the path of the Gods. You will enjoy the convent’s incredible view when you are climbing up. You will also surely be going to love the goat bells and the peaceful environment with greenly areas. Do most of people have a query that Is it better to stay in Positano or Praiano? Praiano is the best choice if you are a lover of a peaceful environment and it is 15 to 20 minutes away from the Positano. Positano is somehow considered less costly compared to the Praiano. Praiano is somehow more costly because most of the visitors like to stay in this place near the beaches. 

3.San Luca Evangelista Church:  

San Luca Evangelista church is one of the best and trade most traditional buildings in Praiano. It was established in the 12 century and rebuilt in 1772. You have to climb up to explore this church and surely you will flourish with the whole pleasure you need to relax. It is situated in a square from where a visitor can have beautiful sights.  

4. Marina di Praia beach:  

Marina di Praia is a beautiful and peaceful beach in the Paiano. It is situated at the foot of the cliff on which you will find the Saracen watchtower which is known as Torre a Mare. At the beach, there are loungers and sun umbrellas available for rent. If you are a swimmer then you should try these beaches as they have clean water. And after your swim, you can enjoy numerous food items available at nearest restaurants.  


5. Gavitella Beach:  

Gavitella beach is a place that maybe you are looking for as it has the availability of swimming, diving, and a lot of places that own cold drinks for your enjoyment. This place is famous because of its spectacular view of Positano and magnificent sunsets. The water of the beach is refreshing and pure clean. If you want to reach these beaches you have to cross the stairs along a handrail.  

Furthermore, these beaches have rocks and pebbles as they are made of these two materials. You have to take some accessories when you are going to visit this place such as when you are visiting a beach you should have water shoes. Most of people want to know that Does Praiano have a beach?  

The city of Praiano has numerous beaches including the best beach which is Amalfi Coast where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. It has a famous village aside known as Furore. This place has a spectacular diving competition every year. 

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What is Praiano Italy known for?  

Praiano Italy is famous for the following aspects:  

  • Church of San Gennaro.  
  • Marina di Praia beach.  
  • Capri Island.  
  • Furore Fiord.  
  • Footpath of the Gods.  
  • Torre a Mare.  
  • Amalfi Coast.  
  • Eat seafood with a sea view.

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