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Upsides & Downsides of Stackable Washer and Dryer  

If you are looking for the best stackable washer and dryer then you should know all its pros and cons before you purchase it. When you are going to buy your home appliances, then you should have all the necessary information regarding the product whether it is a good one or not. And your washer and dryer are for sure your first need. In the market, you can find any design of washer and dryer you want. Every washer and dryer have different features and durability. Be with us till the end to have all the upsides and downsides of a stackable washer and dryer.  


What is the best stackable washer & dryer?  

Below you have the 7 Best Stackable Washer and Dryer available in 2023: 

1. Best OverallElectrolux ELFW7637AW.  

2. Best BudgetLG WM3400CW.  

3. Best Budget w/SteamSamsung WF45B6300AW.   

4. Best Large CapacityGE GFW850SPNRS.   

5.Best Budget CompactBosch WAT28400UC.  

6. Best Overall CompactMiele WXR860WCS.   

7. Most InnovativeLG WKEX200HBA. 

Upsides of Stackable Washer and Dryer:  

Below we have shared some upsides of Stackable washers and dryers:    

1. Occupies Less Space:  

A washer and dryer aids you in saving your space. The standard height of the washer and dryer is nearly 74 to 76 inches and the width is around 23 to 28 inches. When you are buying any washer and dryer do consider having the right dimension so that your stacking will become easier for you. Most of people want to know that Is stacking a washer and dryer a good idea? You need complete maintenance and installation requirements for your stackable washer and dryer. Otherwise, there is no advantage of it. 

stackable washer and dryer

2. Flexibility: 

 Stackable washers and dryers must be flexible in terms of re-arranging them. As you may want to stackable your washer and dryer together or maybe side by side. But we recommend you to follow up on all the instructions that were given to you by the company. When you are bored with your interior home design and you want to make changes at that time you felt that yes, your washer and dryer should be flexible to adjust anywhere you want.  

3. Easy to Handle: 

 Stackable front-load washers and dryers are considered the most convenient to handle because it is easy to load your all laundry items. Some people have a query that Can you stack any washer and dryer? As a general instruction, you can stack any washer and dryer. But you should check the width and depth measurements before you buy it as you cannot set the bigger dryer on the smaller washer. 

4. Energy-Saving: 

 A front-load washer requires less water for mixing your detergent for washing. But it does not affect the cleaning process. In this way, there is less chance of leaking your mixture. Overall, you should buy the energy-saving washer and dryer. 

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Downsides Of Stackable Washer and Dryer:  

Below you can find the downsides of stackable washers and dryers: 

1. Less Loading Capacity:  

Stackable washers and dryers can save your area but they will then need less loading capacity. If your washer and dryer take less loading time then surely you will need more time for your laundry. So that’s why it is not an ideal option for large families. So, you should go for a large stackable washer and dryer if you have a big family. But it will be somehow costly for you to buy.  

2. Inaccessible:  

If we talk about the layouts that have stackable washers and dryers then it will be elevated. And it may be a big problem for you, especially if it is a front-load dryer. 

stackable washer and dryer

3. Needs Maintenance:  

When you are choosing a stackable washer and dryer then it means that you need a lot of variant tasks to do such as these washers and dryers need a lot of maintenances. The front-load units are easier to buildup in the rubber gasket.  

Final Verdict:  

Above we have shared some upsides and downsides of a stackable washer and dryer for you.  Now you can check all the details mentioned above before you buy your washer and dryer. You can share your experience in the comment box or any suggestion that can help others while buying a new washer and dryer for stacking.  

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