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5 Websites like Carvana to sell cars online to Maximize your profit 

There are many websites like Carvana that are available in the market for buying and selling cars online. You should know all the online buying and selling cars websites so that you can easily decide which one you want to go with. Keep reading till the end to have all the details as we are going to share some alternative websites of Carvana with you. Let’s directly dive into it!  


Who is Carvana’s biggest competitor?  

We will share all the details of websites like Carvana but first, let us share some competitors of Carvana that are as follows:  

  • Carwiser  
  • Vroom  
  • CarMax  
  • CarsDirect  
  • TrueCar  

1. Carwiser:  

Carwiser is an online buying and selling car website that provides multiple offers from dealers that are available in your area. You can pick the offer that suits you the best. The website is free of cost and all you need to get started is to share your license plate number, mileage, and contact details. You just need max 5 minutes to register yourself on the website.  

Pros of Carwiser:  

  • Carwiser provides you with great offers.  
  • Carwiser is free of cost.  
  • Within 21 days, your car will be sold out, or maybe sooner than this time frame.  
  • Carwiser finds a buyer for you itself.  

 Cons of Carwiser:  

  • If you have a seller account, then you cannot buy a car.  

2. Vroom: 

Vroom is another online buying and selling car platform. It is considered the best place for selling and buying used cars that must be under 3 years old. Vroom sells only good, conditioned cars. At Vroom you do not need to bargain, the prices are fixed. You can earn more profit as there is no middleman involved in it. Do most people have a query that is Vroom like Carvana? Vroom and Carvana have many similar features, and it is noticed by many customers also. Both are the best websites for selling and buying cars online without going anywhere.

Vroom and Carvana deliver your car to your location and both websites offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. That’s why both are the top priority of customers. 

 Pros of Vroom:  

  • The Vroom gives you 90-day (about 3 months) warranty along with one-year maintenance.  
  • Vroom has a huge variety of cars.  
  • Vroom sells your vehicle within a short period.  

 Cons of Vroom:  

  •  The Vroom does not provide good customer service.  
  • Vroom delivery charges are between $599-$999.  
  • A lot of customers complain that it does not provide one year’s maintenance as they promise.  

3. CarMax:  

With CarMax, you can easily sell and buy cars. But the main feature of this website is that this website has a physical location along online presence which makes it more trustworthy for users. You can visit their workshop if you want to. This thing makes it different from other websites that are available online.  

CarMax is considered an excellent competitor of Carvana. You can take a test drive before you buy a car at CarMax which is not possible on any other website.  If you have to choose only one from both websites, then Carvana is at the top and it is a better option for sure. As it gives you more convenience while buying and selling vehicles. And if you want to take a test drive before you buy a car then CarMax is the best option for you as CarMax has a physical location that other websites do not have.   

 Pros of CarMax:  

  • It allows you to visit the location for a test drive.  
  • It offers good quality vehicles.  
  • It has many satisfied customers and positive reviews on its official website.  

 Cons of CarMax:  

  • This website has high prices compared to its competitors.  
  • This website gives you fewer offers.  
  • This website does not refund the delivery fee if you want to return the car.  

4. CarsDirect:  

CarsDirect is a trustworthy online selling and buying car website that provides you with a different offer from other websites. This website allows its customers to buy a new vehicle or a loan even if they have a bad credit history or no credit history. CarsDirect is the only website that gives its customers loans for buying a new car.  

 Pros of CarsDirect:  

  • This website connects you with lenders. So that you can save time and money.  
  • This website works for you even if you have a bad credit score.  
  • This website also provides you with car maintenance.  

 Cons of CarsDirect:  

  • This website does not allow you to see the financing rates before you get connected to lenders.  
  • This website has a high-interest rate for only those who do not have a good credit history.  

5. TrueCar:  

TrueCar is a platform that connects dealers with buyers. Additionally, TrueCar has a list of all vehicles along with their prices. It behaves like a broker which helps you in connecting with the best dealers available in the market. This website also gives you a market rate list of cars so that you can easily compare the prices and take your decision with ease. However, before you do the deal, you should contact 8 dealers at least. You can also compare different websites’ prices for a better understanding. 

 Pros of TrueCar:  

  •  This website shows you the best score list of cars.  
  • This website also has an app for your convenience.  
  • This website gives you a price report that shows you the full invoice prices of all the vehicles.  

 Cons of TrueCar:  

  • This website has very limited connections.  
  • This website is not as good as other websites at finding the best financing cars.  

Final Thought:  

We have shared all the websites like Carvana and their details. Now, you can have a look at it all, before you buy or sell your car. Did you have any experience with any of the above-mentioned websites? If yes, share your experience with us. We would love to hear from you.  

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