We invite bloggers from all walks of life to contribute quality content. We’d like to publish your stories, articles or advice and suggestions on self-improvement as well as related subjects.

The benefits of blogging

  • Make your online presence more influential
  • Bring qualified traffic to your website
  • Grow your base of subscribers
  • Improve the search engine ranking of your site
  • Direct index on Google. also on Google news.

Guidelines for Submitting the Article

  • Articles should be interesting, original and offer helpful information and suggestions for readers.
  • Articles published elsewhere aren’t qualified
  • The article must be between 800-1200 words in length and contain at least two copyright-free images that are at least 150kb and 1254×836 pixels (or you have obtained permission to make use of the image)
  • Articles shouldn’t be self-promotional or ad-hoc.
  • Do not copywrite – please credit and properly credit quotes information, data, research etc.
  • Minor modifications can be made to your piece to improve the quality of your content in terms of clarity, grammar, style and more. The article will be able to review the changes prior to when publication.
  • Use H1 in a proper way H1 for title H2 for headings, and H3 for subheadings.
  • After you have published your article, you must create at least two backlinks to your published article on a different blog. If you do not follow this procedure, the editor of our team will take down your article.
  • Last but not least, Like our Facebook and follow on Twitter. If you don’t do this , our editor will takes down your article.

What is the best way to submit Your article

Email us word file along with proper images and meta description at newsdustbin @gmail .com